Developers have compiled and run Windows XP from the leaked source code

Earlier, the source code of Microsoft Windows XP operating system was accidentally leaked. The source code is actually handed over by Microsoft to universities and research institutions for review. Microsoft hoped that these institutions would help the company review the source code to reduce security vulnerabilities.

However, this 43GB source code has already been leaked, but the source code has only been circulated in the security community and even hacker circles for so many years.

Only recently have these source codes been publicly leaked to the Internet and attracted attention. Of course, many people are not sure that the complete code of the operating system will be leaked.

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Facts have proved that the leaked source code is indeed real and effective because some developers have successfully compiled the operating system using the leaked source code.

The Windows XP compiled by the developer can prove the validity of the source code, but the source code lacks some necessary components, which causes it to run abnormally.

What is missing includes WinLogon.exe, the core component of the system, and various drivers. If it is running in a virtual machine, the operating system can actually be started.

The developer uploaded the compilation process and product recording video to the website, but then Microsoft sent a copyright notice to Google so the video has been deleted by Google.

The developer said that components such as the kernel and resource manager can be easily compiled with the help of source code, and the finished product is almost the same as the official retail version of Windows XP.

In response to the source code leakage issue, Microsoft was extremely calm. Microsoft did not worry about the leakage of its core source code as many people imagined.

Microsoft officials just understated the matter and stated that the company was aware of and was investigating, and then Microsoft officials have not responded further on the matter.

In addition, since Windows XP has stopped supporting many years ago, Microsoft really does not need to worry too much. The leaked code is relatively old.

Via: ZDNet