Developer successfully installed the Play Store on the Windows 11 Android subsystem

After the release of the Windows 11 Android subsystem, many netizens have tried various methods to deploy Google mobile services and stores on this subsystem.

The main reason is that the number of applications currently provided by the Amazon App Store is limited. High-quality and more applications are available on the Google Play Store for Android users to download and use.

However, it may be due to device compatibility issues or other issues. The deployment of Google Mobile Services and Google Play Store through side-loading may cause problems to fail to open.

The good news is that some developers have successfully run the Google Play Store by modifying the software package. The bad news is that this process is very complicated and only suitable for professional users.

Play Store Windows 11 Android

Image: ADeltaXForce

The method used by this developer is not side-loading installation, but modifying the package content under Linux after downloading the installation package of the Windows 11 Android subsystem.

Simply put, it is to unpack the Android system made by Microsoft, then modify the Android system firmware in the WSL 2 system, and add the Google Play Store in this process. After completing the above process, repackage it.

After testing, the Google Play Store deployed by this method can work normally, including logging in to the Google account and downloading and updating applications. If you are interested, you can click here to view the operation tutorial.