Crucial P5 Plus NVMe SSD is officially released: Speed ​​up to 6600MB/s

Micron officially released the Crucial P5 Plus M.2 NVMe SSD. As previously reported, this new product has been upgraded to support PCI-E 4.0 and uses Micron’s latest 176-layer stacked 3D TLC. This may be the 3D NAND with the most stacked layers available in the retail market. Compared with the previous generation, Crucial P5 Plus has higher speed, lower power consumption, and denser storage density.

Crucial P5 Plus has a continuous read speed of 6600MB/s and a continuous write speed of 5000MB/s. Compared with last year’s Crucial P5, the continuous read speed increased by 94%, the write speed increased by 67%, the random read speed increased by 67%, and the random write speed increased by 40%. The performance improvement rate is still quite good, but compared with those competitors that move up to 7000MB/s, the speed is still a bit lower.

Crucial P5 Plus has three capacities of 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB. The continuous read speed of the three capacities is the same, but the continuous write speed of 500GB is only 3600MB/s. This product uses Micron’s own main controller, and the cache chip is also Micron’s own.In terms of price, Crucial P5 Plus 500GB is priced at $107.99, 1TB is $179.99, and 2TB is $367.99. The warranty period is still 5 years.