CORSAIR Starts Selling Wooden Case Panel

At the end of last year, Fractal Design released the North series of computer cases, which featured a mesh front panel and walnut or oak panels for decoration. This idea of introducing natural materials and custom design seems to have influenced other manufacturers as well. For example, CORSAIR has begun selling wooden case panel kits for their 4000D and 5000D computer cases.

The wooden case panel kit sold by CORSAIR includes two pieces, one for the front panel and one for the top panel. They are laser-cut to match the original airflow design as closely as possible and maintain similar heat dissipation properties to metal panels. CORSAIR states that these wooden panels have undergone strict testing to ensure that they provide the same high airflow as the 4000D/5000D AIRFLOW models.

To cater to different user preferences, CORSAIR offers three types and shades of materials: Sapele, Bamboo, and Teak. Bamboo is the lightest and has the lightest color, while Teak is the heaviest and has the darkest color. Sapele is in the middle and is a light brown color. In addition, Teak and Sapele are not solid wood. The wooden panels for the 4000D computer case are priced at $55, while those for the 5000D computer case are priced at $75.

Judging from the sales of the North series computer cases, wooden panels do have a certain appeal to some gamers, which has changed some manufacturers’ views on the traditional appearance of computer cases. In recent years, the development of computer cases has involved a lot of RGB lighting and the use of glass/acrylic materials, and there is a need to find new selling points. Wood is a refreshing alternative choice.