Core i9-13900K broke the overclocking record again: P-Core breaks through 9GHz

Two months ago, overclocking player Elmor made the frequency of Core i9-13900K rush to 8812.85MHz, breaking the limit frequency record kept by AMD FX-8370 for 8 years, and now, he and his team have broken the record again, allowing the Core i9-13900K frequency to break through the 9GHz mark.

On the latest Raptor Lake processor, an improved version of the Intel 7 process technology is used, and the channel mobility has been significantly improved. Compared with the manufacturing process used by Alder Lake, after optimization, there has been a significant process improvement. The frequency increase of the 13th generation Core processor is very obvious.
Elmor made the limit frequency of the Core i9-13900K processor reach 9008.82MHz this time. This result has been shared and certified on HWBOT. It is the highest frequency in the overclocking list now, and it is a new world overclocking record. They also used the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z790 APEX motherboard for this overclocking, using liquid nitrogen for heat dissipation, and the temperature was as low as minus 250.2°C. In this overclocking, the Core i9-13900K processor only turned on 8 P-Cores. and turned off hyperthreading. Only one P-Core breaks through 9GHz, and the rest remain at 3.2GHz.

ASUS also announced a new overclocking record of 9GHz, and also announced two overclocking results, of which PiFast only took 6.85 seconds, and SuperPi 32M only took 3 minutes and 3.778 seconds to complete.