Cooler Master showcases NCore 100 Max case

In recent years, as the heat generation of CPUs and GPUs has escalated, the requisite cooling apparatus has correspondingly increased in size. Particularly in relation to graphics cards, high-end options tend to start at a thickness of three slots, with most exceeding 30cm in length, rendering the formerly favored “small cannons” unsuitable. Nevertheless, the pursuit of integrating the most potent components into the smallest possible space remains a common goal among many enthusiasts. As such, manufacturers have conceived new compact cases to accommodate more contemporary components.

As reported by TomsHardware, Cooler Master presented a case, dubbed the NCore 100 Max, at Computex 2023. Its length and width are comparable to an A5 sheet of paper, yet it boasts sufficient room to accommodate Nvidia’s flagship GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card.

The overall dimensions of the NCore 100 Max stand at 155-172mm x 212mm x 481mm, and it comes in both three and four-slot versions; both are capable of housing top-tier graphics cards measuring up to 357mm in length. It is designed to house a Mini-ITX motherboard and an 850W SFX power supply, eschewing side transparency for a perforated aluminum panel equipped with a dust filter. It lacks RGB lighting, but it does provide space for a 2.5-inch storage drive.

Furthermore, Cooler Master has installed a 120mm Silencio fan and a 120mm Sickleflow PWM fan, with a maximum CPU cooler height limit of 47mm. Cooler Master has affirmed that the case can manage heat dissipation adequately even when outfitted with an Intel Core i9-13900K processor. The front I/O provisions of the case include two USB 3.0 ports, a USB 3.1 Type-C port, and audio/microphone jacks.

The specific pricing and availability of the NCore 100 Max, however, remain unspecified by Cooler Master at present.