SK Hynix 1bnm DDR5 DRAM starts verification

SK Hynix has announced the completion of the most advanced 1bnm (fifth-generation 10nm class) technology research in existing DRAM and initiated the “Intel Data Center Certified Memory Program” for its DDR5 server DRAM utilizing this technology. This represents the formal certification process for memory product compatibility adopted by Intel’s fourth-generation scalable platform (codenamed Sapphire Rapids).

The DDR5 DRAM products provided by SK Hynix operate at a speed of 6.4Gbps, the highest rate among comparable products, marking a 33% improvement in data processing speed compared to initial prototypes. The products employ High-K Metal Gate (HKMG) technology, reducing power consumption by 20% compared to products based on 1αnm (fourth-generation 10nm class) technology.

SK Hynix asserts that the successful research and development of 1bnm process technology implies the provision of DRAM products to global customers that harmonize high performance with superior energy efficiency. SK Hynix aims to commence mass production of the most advanced 1bnm process technology products this year, intending to enhance their performance in the latter half of the year with the highest DRAM competitive level in the industry. Moreover, SK Hynix plans to extend the 1bnm process technology to high-performance products like LPDDR5T and HBM3E.

In recent times, SK Hynix’s financial situation has been challenging. The financial report for the first quarter of fiscal year 2023, disclosed last month, revealed a decrease in quarterly revenue and a significant operational loss due to the sustained slump in the semiconductor memory market, coupled with weak demand and falling product prices. To boost business income, SK Hynix has decided to focus on sales of high-performance DRAMs such as DDR5 server DRAM and HBM, SSDs employing 176-layer NAND, and uMCP products.