Cooler Master showcases the X Silent series of power supplies

Cooler Master, predominantly recognised for its computer cases and power supplies—especially the latter—occasionally unveils products that vividly demonstrate its capabilities. During Computex 2023, Cooler Master displayed its X Silent series of power supplies, the name itself suggesting a focus on silent operation.

As reported by TomsHardware, the current X Silent series from Cooler Master consists of two products: one embodies a fanless design with a rated power of 750W, while the other incorporates an RGB fan with a slower rotation speed, thus ensuring near-silent operation, with virtually any other fan noise within the PC case greatly exceeding it. Cooler Master asserts that all X Silent series power supplies adopt a heat spreader and a “unified cooling structure” for power supply cooling, promoting superior thermal management, which, in turn, extends the components’ lifespan.

Conforming to ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0 standards, the X Silent series power supplies come equipped with 12VHPWR power lines. Cooler Master indicates that higher-rated power fanless models will be forthcoming, requiring a little more time. However, the specific pricing and launch times for these products remain undisclosed.

Furthermore, Cooler Master showcased its V SFX Platinum series products on site, with the highest-rated power reaching 1300W. This should be a standard SFX power supply with overall dimensions of 100mm x 125mm x 63.5mm, likewise leaving a lasting impression. Moreover, Cooler Master has introduced an upgraded 12VHPWR power line for users with older power supplies, encompassing both the 16Pin and 8Pin x3 versions, all redesigned to meet Nvidia’s specifications.