Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

ChromeOS suddenly shows “‘Final Update’ Notifications”

1 min read

Some users use the ChromeOS operating system receive “final update” notifications, that is, no further features and security updates will be provided. How can ChromeOS, which is still developing smoothly, suddenly stop being supported by Google? The Google development team had problems building ChromeOS, and some of the error codes issued a notification to stop support leading to this incident.

Chrome OS 76

It’s worth noting that this incident is the ChromeOS Canary and developer versions, and the users of this beta version are almost all developers. So after receiving the stop support notification, these developers are still relatively calm. After feedback, Google confirmed that there is a bug in the ChromeOS build process. Google has currently removed the code that caused this incident from the new version, but users may have to wait for the next update of ChromeOS to see the error notification.

Google usually provides five years of support for Chromebook laptops with the operating system, and Google will stop sending software updates to these devices when it expires. However, ChromeOS as Google’s operating system will not stop updating in a short time, unless the future is completely merged with the FuchsiaOS system.