Chrome plans to display memory usage under each tab

To be honest, we do not know why Google has been struggling with memory problems for so many years. In recent years, Google has used various methods to reduce the memory consumption of the browser, which is not a bad thing, but Google always promotes reducing memory usage as the main focus.

As far as the current situation of Chrome/Chromium is concerned, no matter how optimized it is, it is impossible to completely solve the problem of memory consumption as long as there are many open tabs. On the contrary, the recently launched acceleration function is actually a memory-freezing mechanism that can solve the problem of consumption very well. As long as the other restricted tabs are frozen, a lot of memory can be released. The downside is that switching back to the page requires reloading, which may increase power consumption.

So now Google has come up with a new plan: to display how much memory each tab is using below each tab, so that users can more intuitively feel what the Chrome team has done.

Reddit user @Leopeva64 discovered a new prototype added by Google in the Chromium source code: when hovering over a Chrome card, the bottom will display the memory used by that page. It has no other functions and is simply a display of memory usage.

Currently, this feature has only been submitted, so it cannot be used yet, but it should arrive in the Google Chrome Canary version soon.

Is there a similar feature now? Yes, because Chrome itself has a task manager, which can be opened by simply pressing Shift+ESC to display the CPU/RAM/GPU/network activities of each tab.