Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

Chrome OS 78 now support virtual desktops to organize your workspace

1 min read

Most Linux distributions support the creation of multiple different workspaces, and users can perform different tasks in each workspace to increase productivity. Microsoft Windows 10 also added virtual desktop functionality in previous updates, and this time Google updated Chrome OS to bring the same functionality.

Google’s virtual desktop function has actually passed the functional test for a long time, and finally, the virtual desktop becomes the new feature that is enabled by default in the latest version. The new features provided in this update will be available in ChromeOS 78, which will be pushed to all devices using the system later this week.

You can also try out the following keyboard shortcuts to take full advantage of Virtual Desks:

  • Create a new Desk with “Shift” + “Search ” + “=”
  • Switch between Desks with “Search ” + “]” 
  • Move windows between Desks with “Shift” + “Search ” + “]”

Click to call: If you use a Chromebook and a Pixel phone, you can click on a number on your PC and automatically initiate a call on your phone.

Improved printing: Google has improved on inconvenient saves and partial compatibility issues with new printers, now use Ctrl+P to view all compatible printers.

Quick feedback: Google wants users to be able to feedback all kinds of questions faster and more easily, so adding a feedback button next to the power button can quickly feedback to Google.