Chrome for Android adds an automatic leaked password change function

Google will add an automatic password modification function to the Android version of Chrome, eliminating the need for users to manually change passwords.

Everyone knows that many browsers now have a function to detect leaks of passwords, such as Chrome and Firefox. After the user clicks on the detection function, the browser will automatically help you detect which website passwords are leaked, and then remind the user to change the password as soon as possible. Recently, however, Google has taken a step further, allowing the Chrome version for Android to automatically change passwords for users.

After the leaked password is detected, Chrome will pop up a “change password” button. If the user clicks to agree, Chrome will automatically jump to the relevant website and automatically complete all the operations required to change the password for the user.

Patrick Nepper, Senior Product Manager for Google Chrome, said:

“Powered by Duplex on the Web, Assistant takes over the tedious parts of web browsing: scrolling, clicking and filling forms, and allows you to focus on what’s important to you. And now we’re expanding these capabilities even further by letting you quickly create a strong password for certain sites and apps when Chrome determines your credentials have been leaked online. Automated password changes are rolling out gradually in Chrome on Android, to users who sync their passwords.”

Duplex on the Web technology was applied in 2019, allowing Google Assistant to help users complete operations including ordering food, checking flights, and buying movie tickets. At present, the automatic password change function will be piloted in the United States. Chrome users on Android who have enabled synchronization of passwords can use this function. However, this function depends entirely on whether the relevant website or application supports it. If not, the user can only manually change the password.

Via: bleepingcomputer