Sun. Sep 20th, 2020

Chrome browser market share is still rising to continue to lead the global browser market

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The Google browser, which was born out of Google’s open source project, is currently the most widely used browser. The current market share of Google Chrome has reached more than 60%.

The latest statistics show that Google’s browser market share continues to increase slightly, Google Chrome currently has a global market share of 66.28%.


Other browsers, the open source Firefox browser of the Wisdom Foundation is still around 9.6%, and this market share has not changed for a long time.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which no longer has new features, still has a market share of around 8%. Of course, IE browsers have always maintained a slow decline.

As for Microsoft’s new replacement for the Microsoft Edge browser, Microsoft’s efforts to promote it in various ways are still unpopular.

Even in the past few months, the market share of Microsoft Edge browsers has been declining, and it seems impossible to replace IE for a short time.

Via: netmarketshare