Chrome 80 supports for the SVG favicon icon

Most websites declare an image as a website icon in the source code header. This icon is also displayed in front of the title when the browser loads. It is also so based on personalization and branding that websites will design their own icons, but the problem is that the icon size is very small and not clear enough. The industry often refers to this icon as Favicon and uses a proprietary format ico. The website needs to convert ordinary images into .ico and then display them. The Firefox browser supports the use of the vector graphics format SVG as a website icon. SVG does not distort with scaling and therefore there is no degradation in clarity.

Qualcomm Google Chrome ARM

In the recent beta update, the Google Chrome development team has begun testing SVG icons, which can be used to identify SVG as a website icon when loading a website. Google has supported vector image format icons in the Google Chrome Canary version, which is expected to be officially supported in Chrome v80.

This change in Google Chrome will also affect other browsers that use Chromium, including Edge, Vivaldi, Opera, and Brave. Therefore, the website can also widely use the SVG vector format as the main icon of the website. In addition, Google Chrome will also support the use of the Prefers Color scheme property to adjust the icon color.