Chrome 64

Chrome 64 beta silently mutes autoplay content


In September of this year, Google said it would solve the “content autoplay” issue that users are concerned about in Chrome 64, so people are always waiting for the new version of Chrome to mute the default autoplay videos. The good news is that if you want to grab a fresh experience, you are now ready to download and install the beta version of Chrome 64. Google said it has been working for a full “Blocked Video Autoplay” for some time as part of its broader “ad blocking” efforts.

In the Chrome 64 permission controls, the mute option for auto-playing videos is on by default. Unfortunately, we can not do this once and for all, and users must make separate settings for each site they visit (for anything under the main domain).

According to 9to5Google, Chrome 64 has improved pop-ups, added additional security against malicious automatic redirection, and HDR video playback when HDR mode is enabled on Windows 10 systems.

As for the Chrome OS, it added a “split-screen view” feature that allows users to perform multiple tasks in multiple windows.


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