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Google Chrome 63.0.3239.108 Stable Release: fix security vulnerabilites


Google officially released Google Chrome 63 on Wednesday after the beta channel landed in late October. All supported operating systems, including GNU / Linux, macOS and Microsoft Windows, can be upgraded for download. The Chrome 63 version brings many positive changes for developers, including the new Device Memory API, asynchronous iteration and generator, and various permissions UI adjustments. Blink engine also brought heavy updates, and fix a large number of BUG.


Chrome 63’s Blink web browser engine deployed a lot of optimizations like DOM, CSS, HTML, MediaStream, JavaScript, bindings, fonts, network, storage, and sensor. This update also redesigned the chrome: Improved Google Chrome experience.

Chrome 63 also adds support for the “display: minimal-ui” feature, which allows web developers to display UIs similar to the Chrome Custom Tab for users. Similarly, Google has also introduced a new shortcut for users to view site certificates and fixes a number of security vulnerabilities.

  • [$7500][788453] High CVE-2017-15429: UXSS in V8. Reported by Anonymous on 2017-11-24.
  • [794792] Various fixes from internal audits, fuzzing, and other initiatives


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