Chairman of TCL visited Korea, Japan and the United States one after another

Recently, TCL Chairman and CEO Li Dongsheng visited Samsung in South Korea to discuss the purchase order of LCD panels.

Samsung is CSOT’s second-largest customer besides its parent company TCL, accounting for 50% and 25% of shipments, respectively. With Samsung’s recent decision to withdraw from the LCD business, coupled with the reduction of LCD panel orders in BOE, CSOT may see new opportunities.

Later, Li Dongsheng also met with related display panel manufacturers in South Korea and visited Japan to meet with JOLED-related manufacturers. It is reported that CSOT is cooperating with JOLED to develop OLED technology. It is rumored that CSOT also plans to build an 8.5-generation OLED panel production line called T8 in Guangzhou, which is planned to start operation in 2024, but it is a bit difficult at present.

According to The Elec, Li Dongsheng will soon be in Cupertino, California, USA, to Apple’s headquarters. According to sources, Li Dongsheng’s visit is to win Apple’s display panel orders, involving the iPhone, iPad, and Macbook product lines. In addition to Samsung and LG, CSOT’s competitors also include BOE.

BOE currently supplies display panels for iPads and Macbooks. Some analysts say that BOE may become the largest display panel supplier for the iPad product line this year. In addition, BOE is also constantly striving for iPhone display panel orders. CSOT could also threaten the position of LG, which will supply Apple with 14.8 million LCD panels for Macbook products this year, accounting for a 55 percent share.