December 5, 2020

CentOS 7 (2009) released, based on secure and stable RHEL

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The CentOS Linux distribution is a stable, highly predictable, highly managed, highly repetitive platform. It is a redistributable distribution of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) source code, and it has been revised based on RHEL. Known bugs are more reliable than other Linux distributions. CentOS fully comply with Red Hat’s redistribution policy and is committed to full functional compatibility with upstream products. CentOS’s modification of the components is mainly to remove Red Hat’s trademarks and artwork.


CentOS 7 (2009) released.


Major Changes

  • Python 3 is now available. Installing the python3 package gives you the Python 3.6 interpreter.

  • SSSD has been rebased to version 1.16.5
  • pacemaker has been rebased to version 1.1.23
  • MariaDB has been rebased to 5.5.68
  • Since release 1503 (abrt>= 2.1.11-19.el7.centos.0.1) CentOS-7 can report bugs directly to You can find information about that feature at this page.

  • If you plan to use Security Profiles in Anaconda, please see this link.

  • Many packages have received important updates. Please see the upstream document for details.

  • Default desktop layout has changed and is documented in upstream