AMD is expected to start supporting DDR5 memory in 2022

AMD insiders revealed to the media that the company’s currently planned roadmap shows that AMD will bring support for DDR5 memory modules by 2022. Compared with DDR4, DDR5 memory brings a significant increase in capacity and performance. In the era of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, hardware performance is also a key factor for development.

It’s just that DDR5 memory is not yet popular, so there are few platforms that use this memory, but after 2021 DDR5 memory should enter the mainstream. The leaked roadmap shows that both AMD CPUs and APUs will support DDR5 memory by 2022. It is said that AMD CPUs will be based on the ZEN 4 microarchitecture.

However, the integrated display core APU acceleration processor will conventionally be ZEN 3+, and AMD will bring low-power DDR5 support to its mobile chips in the same year. In addition to memory, the roadmap also shows that AMD’s DDR5 platform will support USB4, but AMD will still retain support for the PCIe4.0 version of the protocol.

Of course, memory chip manufacturers are also preparing for the development and production of DDR5 memory. For example, SK Hynix released a blog saying that the company will mass produce DDR5 within the year. SK Hynix said that DDR5 memory has excellent performance. DDR5 memory can provide strong support for professional equipment such as data centers and workstations.

Via: Neowin