Canon’s “Privacy Talk”: Wearable Noise-Canceling for Confidential Chats

On February 13, Canon Marketing Japan Inc. unveiled the “Privacy Talk” wearable noise-canceling device, model MD-100-GY, which bears a resemblance to a face mask and incorporates headphones, a microphone, and a fan. This innovative device not only reduces the volume of the wearer’s speech but also utilizes a fan to ventilate the device, enhancing user comfort and facilitating discreet online conversations in a variety of settings.

The “Privacy Talk” mask allows users to create a private space for confidential online discussions in any open environment without the need to awkwardly search for a quiet place. Crafted from specialized acoustic materials and designed with a unique sound-guiding structure, the device absorbs sound before it passes through the mask. Moreover, the built-in microphone is designed to eliminate the impact of ambient noise on conversations. According to Canon‘s claims, wearing the “Privacy Talk” mask can reduce the volume of speech by up to 20 decibels, effectively preventing others from overhearing conversations.

The built-in fan in the “Privacy Talk” mask helps to keep the wearer’s face cool by promoting air circulation inside the mask, thus preventing moisture buildup and ensuring comfort during use. Operating the mask is straightforward: simply hold the power button for three seconds and connect to a communication device via Bluetooth. With the fan activated, the device boasts a battery life of up to three hours and requires 1.5 hours to fully charge. In terms of weight and dimensions, the “Privacy Talk” mask weighs 106 grams and measures 66x104x69mm.

According to official statements, the “Privacy Talk” mask is slated for release in late April 2024. Currently, developers are conducting tests in various open environments and making final adjustments to the product’s details.