Canon launches PowerShot V10: A camera specially built for Vlog shooting

In recent years, manufacturers have not only redoubled efforts in professional user cameras but have also introduced Vlog cameras for general users, like Sony’s ZV product line. According to a report by The Verge, Canon has recently unveiled the PowerShot V10, crafted specifically for Vlog users. This camera, exuding a somewhat miniaturized aesthetic, endeavors to meet the exigencies of Vlog filming.

The PowerShot V10 features a non-interchangeable lens design with a focal length equivalent to 19mm, a maximum aperture of f/2.8, and is outfitted with a 20.9MP 1-inch sensor, supporting electronic image stabilization. Its recording capabilities extend up to 4K @30fps specification video. In terms of interfaces, this camera is equipped with a 3.5mm microphone port and a Micro HDMI interface, although the device itself incorporates two microphones. Additionally, it boasts a USB Type-C interface for charging and data transfer. However, unlike most cameras, the PowerShot V10’s battery is non-replaceable, with a capacity of 1250mAh.

To enhance user experience, Canon has introduced some designs tailored for Vlog filming, such as a record button on the front, facilitating selfie filming. Due to its compact size, the PowerShot V10 is only fitted with a 2-inch, 3:2 flip LCD touchscreen. It also features a unique stand that allows the camera to be positioned vertically, evidently considering the current short-video trend. Additionally, this stand can be opened up to 180 degrees, serving as a grip.

Furthermore, the PowerShot V10 integrates a 5-level beautification function, as well as an automatic focus display item function, the latter of which has also appeared in Sony’s series of devices. This feature is particularly useful for promotional videos, although it does not support eye-control focus.

In terms of pricing, the Canon PowerShot V10 is set at $429.99, with a planned release in June. For entry-level Vlog users, a fresh alternative is now within their grasp.