LG will release optical telephoto zoom camera module at CES 2023

The camera system of mobile phones has always been the key investment field of major manufacturers. From the initial high pixel to multiple cameras, there are always many innovations. Recently, LG Innotek announced that they will launch an optical telephoto zoom camera module at CES 2023.

At present, the telephoto lens of most mobile phones adopts a periscope design, and it cannot zoom freely. Under normal circumstances, before the telephoto lens is enabled, the mobile phone uses the digital zoom of the main camera to capture the picture, which leads to unstable photo quality. At the same time, due to the need to switch back and forth between lenses, the actual zoom operation is not smooth enough.

Image: LG Innotek

The camera module of LG Innotek can freely switch the zoom ratio of the lens from 4 to 9 times by directly moving the lens. This is as smooth as a camera equipped with a telephoto lens, while still maintaining a clear picture.

In order to achieve the effect of free zoom and clear picture, LG Innotek has developed a dedicated zoom actuator for this camera module, which can move the lens accurately and quickly, and consumes less power. According to LG Innotek, this zoom actuator is able to move the lens precisely in microns. In addition, LG Innotek has designed a new optical anti-shake system for this module to deal with the shake caused by handheld shooting.

In response to the current trend of thicker and thicker mobile phone camera modules, especially considering the huge volume occupied by the telephoto lens, LG Innotek has also made innovations in lens design and structure.

Currently, LG Innotek is cooperating with Qualcomm to optimize the software of the camera module. If the module is paired with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 platform, the image quality will be even better. However, it is still unclear which manufacturer’s mobile phone will use the module first. After all, LG has given up the mobile phone business for almost a year.