Call of Duty 20: Modern Warfare 3 PlayStation 5 bundle leaks

Not long ago, Sony unveiled the much-anticipated new iteration of the PlayStation 5 console. This revamped model boasts a more compact size, and diminished weight, and features a modular optical drive, complemented by a freshly-designed base.

Recently, an observant netizen discerned some fine print on the packaging box of the forthcoming “Call of Duty 20: Modern Warfare 3” PlayStation 5 bundle. It stipulated that an internet connection is essential during setup to pair the optical drive with the PlayStation 5 console, further necessitating a log-in to one’s PSN account.

This prerequisite has aroused concerns among the gaming community. The mandated internet connection implies an ever-present link to servers, which could potentially become defunct in the unforeseen future. Some gamers interpret Sony’s move as embedding Digital Rights Management (DRM) onto the detachable optical drive. An article from 2020 has been resurrected by some gamers, highlighting that both “Sony and Microsoft have encrypted software utilized for pairing the optical drive with the game console’s motherboard.” This might correlate with legal frameworks in certain jurisdictions, where “circumventing technological measures that effectively control access to copyrighted works” constitutes an illicit act.

In light of this situation, media outlets have reached out to Sony for clarity, but a response remains forthcoming.