Cablemod responds to its 12VHPWR wire burning issue

After the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card was released last year, the 12VHPWR interface and its power supply line overheated and melted. The parties also argued for a long time about the specific cause of the damage. For this reason, Nvidia officially launched an investigation and notified all partners that damaged graphics cards in similar accidents need to be sent to its headquarters for further failure analysis.

The new 12VHPWR interface seems to have higher requirements on the connection and is also more fragile. During installation, if the 12VHPWR wire is bent, excessive pressure is applied to the cable, resulting in abnormal temperature and eventually damage. Cablemod is one of the first manufacturers to introduce 12VHPWR custom power supply adapters, providing a 90-degree swivel adapter that solves the original gap and bending problems.

Although part of the reason is an improper installation by users, I believe many players agree that the installation of the 12VHPWR interface and its power supply line is not so friendly compared to the previous 8Pin interface. In fact, even with the use of Cablemod products, burning problems may still occur. Recently, some users have experienced such a situation, showing traces of overheating and melting at the connection. Fortunately, the RTX 4090 graphics card was not damaged.

Cablemod quickly contacted the user and communicated. Cablemod also responded to a related question with a promise: very sorry about that – please reach out to our support and we will make it right with you! Our products come with service and we help every customer out.”

In addition to providing support to customers, Cablemod also apologized for this and promised to replace the graphics card with a new one for customers if its own products caused damage to the graphics card.