be quiet! launched Pure Rock LP air-cooled radiator

be quiet! announced the launch of Pure Rock LP air-cooled radiator. This is a thin CPU air cooler with a height of only 45mm, specially designed for Mini-ITX systems with compact heat dissipation requirements.

The overall size of this radiator is 92mm x 92mm x 45mm (WxDxH), the weight is 358 grams, and it is equipped with three 6mm heat pipes. Black brushed aluminum fins are used to support Intel’s LGA115x/1200/1700 platforms and AMD’s AM4/AM5 platforms. The overall size of the matching fan is 92mm x 92mm x 15mm. It supports PMW speed control, the maximum speed is 2500 RPM, and the corresponding noise value is only 30.6 dBA. If the speed is 75% and 50%, the corresponding noise values ​​are 13.3 dBA and 23.8 dBA respectively.

be quiet! said that the Pure Rock LP air-cooled radiator has a heat dissipation performance of 100W, and at the same time, it can be well compatible with the location of the memory module in a limited space, and it is also very quiet when running.

be quiet! offers a three-year warranty on the Pure Rock LP air-cooled radiator, and it will be available on December 13 this year at a suggested retail price of $49.90/€49.90/£46.99.