Steam Hardware & Software Survey November 2022: GTX 1650 market share surpasses GTX 1060

Recently, Valve released the results of the Steam hardware survey for November 2022. In the latest report, GeForce GTX 1060, which has occupied the number one graphics card share for a long time, finally lost its position and slipped to second place, and GeForce GTX 1650 took the throne.
Nvidia GTX 1650
The share of GTX 1060 dropped significantly by 1.85% to 5.77% from 7.62% in October, while the market share of GTX 1650 increased by 0.66% from 5.61% to 6.27%, rising from the third position last month to the first place. The share of RTX 2060 dropped 1.46% to 4.64% from 6.1% in October, falling from second to third. Ampere architecture GPU has also undergone some interesting changes. The share of RTX 3060 dropped sharply from 5.47% in October to 3.41%, falling from fourth to sixth, even higher than that of GTX 1060, while the share of RTX 3060 mobile version increased by 1.24%, from 3.39 % increased to 4.63, ranked fourth.

In the latest statistics, 32.87% of Steam users using PCs chose AMD’s CPU, while Intel’s CPU share dropped by 3.89% to 67.10%, and the gap between the two sides narrowed again. It seems that AMD’s recent price reduction promotion strategy has been quite effective, stopping the downward trend for several consecutive months. In the new report, the share of the 6-core CPU, which has been growing for several months and holds the top share, has dropped significantly to 33.52%, with a range of 3.61%, while the 4-core CPU has rebounded, with an increase of 1.12% to 30.07%.

In terms of operating systems, Windows 10 64-bit still has the highest share, reaching 65.6%, but it has fallen by 3.31% in the past month; Windows 11 64-bit is growing rapidly, with a substantial increase of 4.61% in one month, and its share rose to 27.98%; the share of Windows 7 64-bit continued to decrease, with a rate of 1.71%, and the current share is 1.88%.