Sat. May 30th, 2020

Microsoft is developing a Bali project that gives users to control over their personal data

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Inside the Microsoft Research Institute is developing a project called Bali that allows users to access and control all user data collected by Microsoft. Simply put, users accessing the site can visually manage and control their own data, which Microsoft collects from users through various products.

The Bali project said in the introduction that this is a personal database that is being tested in private, and the current user must submit an invitation code to view all kinds of data.

Image: Microsoft

The main advantages of the Bali project include:

Allows authenticated user data to be associated with physical users, providing transparent access to users’ data and ensuring that unauthorized data is not abused.

After the user is authenticated and logged in, they can view the data collected from Microsoft every day and the aggregated data. Users can control data or share by themselves.

In addition to Microsoft’s search for data through Windows 10, it also includes user-specific preference data such as Bing search and Bing search network crawling.

Via: ZDNet