AZZA Cube AIO coolers supports Intel’s next-generation LGA 1851 platform

Recently, Intel unveiled its client CPU roadmap for the years 2024-2025. It is projected that the next-generation Arrow Lake will debut in the fourth quarter of the ensuing year. Notably, the desktop variant, Arrow Lake-S, will elevate its P-Core and E-Core to the novel Lion Cove and Skymont architectures, respectively. This iteration is set to adopt the LGA 1851 socket, complemented by the 800-series chipset.

According to recent reports from VideoCardz, Azza’s freshly launched Cube series of integrated liquid coolers will be compatible with Intel’s LGA 1851 platform. A perusal of the product’s installation guide reveals that the LGA 1851 shares the same base hole position with the LGA 1700 and is accompanied by an identical mounting kit, rendering it wholly congruent with the LGA 1700. Consequently, users aspiring to upgrade to the Arrow Lake platform in the future can dispense with procuring new mounting accessories or coolers.

The LGA 1851 socket possesses 1851 contact points, marking an 8.9% augmentation compared to the currently employed LGA 1700 socket. This growth in contact points is considerably more restrained than the 41.7% leap observed when transitioning from the LGA 1200 to the LGA 1700. Preliminary data pertaining to the LGA 1851 socket indicates that its Z-height remains consistent, and the distance between the top of the circuit board and the Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS) remains unaltered.

Despite the introduction of additional pins, the physical specifications of the new socket remain largely analogous to those of the Alder Lake and Raptor Lake’s LGA 1700 socket, maintaining dimensions at 45 × 37.5 mm. However, the maximum dynamic load has virtually doubled, soaring from 489.5 N to 923 N. This implies enhanced resilience during transportation and against vibrations and shocks. Concurrently, the static pressure specification remains static, ensuring that current mounts can continue to be employed without alterations to the Z-height.

In addition to Azza, Austrian cooler manufacturer Noctua has ensured that its latest air coolers are compatible with the LGA 1851 platform, with the official website having updated its compatibility list accordingly.