ATLUS unveiled two Persona 3 Remake and Persona 5 Tactica trailers

Rumours about a remastered version of “Persona 3” have been circulating for quite some time. After all, ATLUS released “Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight” a few years ago, which, although a music game, prepared some of the artistic assets needed for a remaster, such as character models. Recently, ATLUS prematurely unveiled two new trailers on social media, including “Persona 3 Remake” and “Persona 5 Tactica”, presumably intended for the forthcoming Xbox Showcase.


From the trailers, it’s clear that “Persona 3 Remake” is still under the auspices of P Studio, utilising the popular Unreal Engine for its construction. The remastered version boasts a substantial upgrade in visual fidelity, representing a remarkable leap compared to the original PS2 version (excluding the rather uninspiring “P3P”). With its more modern visuals and controls, there’s reason to believe that it could attract newcomers who discovered the franchise through “Persona 5” but are unfamiliar with “Persona 3”. “Persona 3 Remake” is set to arrive in early 2024.

Meanwhile, “Persona 5 Tactica” is a strategy game. The trailer reveals new characters joining the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. The game’s launch is scheduled for November 17, 2023.

Both games will join the Xbox Game Pass on their respective launch days, and according to the trailers, they will be available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC. The availability of these two games on Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation remains uncertain, but given that “P5R” was cross-platform, it’s conceivable that this is just a matter of time.