ASUS provides a new version of BIOS for its X670E/B650E motherboards

With the advent of the AM5 platform, AMD has wholeheartedly embraced DDR5 memory. The Ryzen 7000 series processors are compatible with the JEDEC standard DDR5-5200. In tandem, AMD has unveiled the EXPO memory overclocking technology, akin to Intel’s XMP 3.0, which can be directly activated within the BIOS, allowing the memory to achieve peak frequencies of up to 6400MHz. As DDR5 memory continues to evolve, its frequencies are soaring ever higher. Elite and overclocking aficionados are now yearning to harness even greater memory speeds on the AM5 platform, especially considering a multitude of Intel motherboards already support frequencies exceeding 7000MHz.

ASUS is currently rolling out updated BIOS versions for its AMD 600 series motherboards, designed to bolster DDR5 memory overclocking capabilities to surpass 8000MHz. This move is tailored to cater to the discerning needs of high-end and overclocking enthusiasts. The initial product lineup predominantly features the X670E and B650E motherboards, supplemented by a selection of B650 and A620 motherboards.

It’s noteworthy that ASUS isn’t the pioneer in offering heightened DDR5 memory support for the AMD 600 series motherboards. Earlier, MSI had ventured into similar territory. Their flagship X670E motherboard supports DDR5-8000, while the B650E can accommodate DDR5-7800. Even the entry-level A620 showcases compatibility up to DDR5-6800, presenting enthusiasts with a broader spectrum of choices.