ASRock submitted three RX 7600 graphics cards to the EEC

Although there is still some time before Computex 2023 in Taipei, various leaks have given us an idea of what new products to expect, such as NVIDIA’s RTX 4060 series and AMD’s RX 7600 series gaming graphics cards targeting mainstream gamers. According to Tom’s Hardware, Twitter user @harukaze5719 recently discovered three ASRock RX 7600 graphics cards on the Eurasian Economic Union (EEC) website. They are:

  • ASRock Radeon RX 7600 8GB Challenger OC (RX7600 CL 8GO)
  • ASRock Radeon RX 7600 8GB Phantom Gaming OC  (RX7600 PG 8GO)
  • ASRock Radeon RX 7600 8GB Steel Legend OC (RX7600 SL 8GO)

From the naming, it is evident that all three ASRock graphics cards are OC versions, which differs from Gigabyte’s RX 7600 offering we reported yesterday, which includes both Gaming and Gaming OC versions. The 8G in the naming surely refers to the RX 7600’s 8GB GDDR6 memory.

In ASRock’s current graphics card lineup, the Phantom Gaming series ranks higher than the Challenger series. The Steel Legend series, which originally only had motherboards, now has corresponding graphics card products as well. However, it is difficult to determine the specific positioning of Steel Legend before seeing the actual product. Personally, if we take the motherboard side as a reference, Steel Legend should fall between Phantom Gaming and Challenger.

In addition to the latest RX 7600 graphics cards, ASRock has also submitted several other graphics cards to the EEC, including AMD cards such as RX 6650 XT XLD 4GO, RX 6400 XT CLI 4G, RX 7900 XTX TCW 24GO, RX 6650 XT SL 8GO, and an Intel graphics card, A370 LP 6G.