ASRock releases new BIOS for the X370 motherboard to support for Ryzen 5000

Earlier, David McAfee, AMD vice president, and general manager of customer channel business said in an interview with the media that AMD is studying how to make 300 series motherboards support Ryzen 5000 (Vermeer) processors, users can get the right experience. It should be known that although some motherboard manufacturers have recently provided new BIOS to allow 300 series motherboards to support Ryzen 5000 processors based on Zen 3 architecture, they are basically concentrated on low-end A320 motherboards, and there are no products like high-end X370 motherboards.

Recently, ASRock released a new BIOS for the X370 Pro4 motherboard, which officially supports AMD Ryzen 5000 processors for the first time. The relevant CPU model has also been marked on the support list, and the new BIOS is now available for download. I believe that other X370 and B350 motherboards will get the same BIOS in the future, and other motherboard manufacturers should follow suit.
In fact, when AMD released the Ryzen 5000 processors, ASRock was quick to provide Beta BIOS for its 300 series motherboards to provide support. It is rumored that AMD is unwilling to do this by the main manufacturers, and even obstructs it, so even if there are motherboard manufacturers that provide BIOS in this regard, they are either always in Beta state, or do not make specific explanations and promotions.

AMD’s AM4 platform is arguably quite long-lived, one of the longest-standing sockets on the DIY market, and can accommodate multiple generations of processors. For users who purchased the AM4 platform early, even if the 300 series motherboards they use do not support Ryzen 5000 processors so well and cannot support some new functions (such as PCIe 4.0), motherboard manufacturers still provide the possibility of upgrading after many years. It can be said that it is very worth it.