Apple won’t let you use the iPhone 11 18W charger to quickly charge the iPhone 12 series

Apple uses the so-called environmental protection excuse to no longer include a charger in the iPhone 12. Apple claims that the extra charger at home can continue to be used without being equipped.

This situation has been complained about by a large number of consumers and the media. Everyone believes that Apple clearly wants to save costs to cancel the charger rather than the so-called environmental protection.

The fact is indeed the case. Most users have USB-A interfaces on their chargers, but the data cable provided by Apple is USB-C and cannot be used directly.

According to Apple, all existing USB-C chargers can be recycled. For example, the USB-C charger that comes with the iPhone 11 series can also continue to be used.

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However, the media found that if the iPhone 12 series want to charge quickly, the charger must reach at least 20W, while the iPhone 11 USB-C charger is only 18W.

It is also true that users can use the iPhone 11 USB-C charger but does not support fast charging. If you want fast charging, you still have to buy a new charger.

It is not clear how much actual power can be achieved when using an 18W charger to charge the iPhone 12 series. The media predict that it may return to the default 5W charging.

When users want to charge quickly, they may still choose Apple’s USB-C charger or Apple’s wireless charger, which requires additional purchases.

The additional purchase of these chargers by users of course may also cause potential environmental problems, but for Apple, it can make more profits from accessories.

Therefore, Apple’s cancellation of the bonus charger for so-called environmental protection reasons is essential to make money and continue to harvest users while playing the banner of environmental protection.

Via: imore