Apple will hold another autumn new product launch on October 18

Not surprisingly, Apple recently announced that it will bring the second wave of new autumn products on October 18th. Because the new iPhone has just been released and the iPad Pro has been updated before, this time the main content of the special event is the turn of the Mac computer. It should have been rumored since the beginning of this year that it will be equipped with a stronger Apple Silicon high-end Mac product line.

Apple’s M1 chip launched in October last year can be regarded as shocking computer users for a whole year. After switching from x86 to arm-based CPUs, Apple’s entry-level Mac has been reborn in performance. This makes everyone look forward to whether Apple’s own chips for higher professional and workstation users will have a revolutionary impact on the computer market. Judging from the rumors, Apple may launch the M1X chip. Compared with the existing M1 chip, it will provide a 10-core CPU (currently M1 has 4 performance cores + 4 high-efficiency cores), and an SoC combination with 16 or 32-core GPUs. I believe that the NPU, ISP, and video codec capabilities will also be stronger, all of which is to meet the needs of more arduous tasks.

Going to the actual model, Apple may launch a new 14-inch MacBook Pro, which is mainly used to replace the current 13-inch MacBook Pro equipped with Intel’s eighth-generation CPU and four Thunderbolt ports. The current 13-inch MacBook Pro is equipped with an M1 chip, which is actually for relatively mainstream users. Now the 14-inch is the Apple notebook for professional users. In addition, the 16-inch large-screen MacBook Pro will also have a new facelift this time. The existing one is actually already launched in 2019.

Note that this is a new facelift, that is, 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro will be replaced with a new appearance mold, because the current MacBook Pro is already a 2016 mold, and this design style is derived from the 2015 12-inch MacBook. It is said that Apple will return to add full-size HDMI and SD card slots to the new body, which is closer to the needs of professional users, instead of only having a USB-C interface, which requires an adapter to be compatible with some peripherals.

In addition, this time Apple may also bring a new Mac mini, which will also be equipped with the M1X chip, so it will also be for professional use. It can be regarded as a Mac mini Pro, and Apple’s current most high-end Mac Pro, there is no news that a new version will be released. After all, this kind of expensive workstation computer is not so fast to replace. There is also no news about the 5K iMac and the iMac Pro that was removed earlier, so Apple still has many Macs that can launch new models.