Apple wants the Indian government to delay the launch of regulations requiring mobile phone products to switch to USB-C ports

According to a Reuters report, Apple is endeavoring to persuade the Indian government to postpone the implementation of a mandate scheduled for June 2025. This mandate requires mobile devices to adopt USB-C ports or to allow Apple to continue producing older iPhone models featuring the Lightning connector.

Apple is seeking a deferment from the Indian government regarding the impending regulation that mandates the transition of mobile devices to USB-C ports.

Should the Indian government enforce this regulation from June 2025, requiring the transition to USB-C ports from that point forward, Apple’s locally manufactured iPhone models in India would fail to comply with the local investment plan guidelines.

Therefore, Apple is appealing to the Indian government for an 18-month extension of the regulation’s implementation, suggesting it be deferred until 2026. This extension would allow Apple to continue producing older iPhone models with Lightning connectors within India.

Currently, iPhones manufactured in India account for approximately 12-14% of the market, with projections of a 25% increase by 2024. However, considering that iPhones only hold a 6% share of the smartphone market in India, and most users still operate models predating the iPhone 15 series, the likelihood of the Indian government acceding to Apple’s request remains uncertain.