Microsoft will offer Extended Security Updates for Windows 10 after October 2025

As of January 31 this year, the downloadable version of the Windows 10 operating system has ceased sales, with subsequent security updates only being provided until October 14, 2025. To address the ongoing usage needs of specific enterprises, Microsoft will follow the precedent set with Windows 7, offering businesses the option to pay an additional fee for continued access to security updates.

In cases where enterprises still require the use of Windows 10, Microsoft will continue to offer security updates after October 2025 on a paid basis. This service primarily assists enterprises in smoothly transitioning to newer versions of the Windows operating system.

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The rationale behind offering this service lies in the fact that some enterprises may need additional time to update their systems to Windows 11 due to business adjustments or system updates, and thus require ongoing security updates for Windows 10 during this process.

Jason Leznek, the product manager responsible for Windows services at Microsoft, stated that this service will be available on an annual subscription basis, with a maximum extension of two years. Besides enterprise users, individual companies and startups can also continue to receive security updates for Windows 10 after the scheduled cessation date through paid subscriptions.

However, Microsoft has not disclosed specific pricing details, but it is expected that charges will be based on the number of installations used by the enterprise.

Drawing from the subscription fees for Windows 7, the cost for the first year of an enterprise licensing program will be $25 per PC, increasing to $100 in the final year. For the professional edition licensing program, the first year will cost $50 per license, with the final year’s fee rising to $200, encouraging enterprise users to upgrade their operating systems to the latest version of Windows as soon as possible.