Apple wants Samsung and LG to develop zero-bezel OLED screens

Even though a plethora of high-end smartphones on the market currently offer exceptionally slim bezels, achieving a genuine “full-screen” experience by eradicating these bezels is not a straightforward task. Bezel regions of the screen house components such as antennas and protective screen encasements, making the creation of a zero-bezel screen a challenging endeavour.

According to a report by The Elec, Apple has purportedly requested its panel suppliers, Samsung and LG, to develop zero-bezel OLED screens, a venture expected to span several years. While some might surmise that Apple would adopt a curved screen design akin to Samsung’s Galaxy S series, insiders disclose that Apple has clearly expressed its dissent, citing optical glare and susceptibility to external impacts associated with curved screens.

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Understandably, to create a zero-bezel OLED screen, it is necessary to bend the circuits underneath the bezel region while also ensuring ample space for the antennas, facilitating their uninterrupted operation. Concurrently, the screen’s encasement must become thinner, and the area for camera components beneath the panel must seamlessly merge with the rest of the screen to deliver an impeccable visual experience.

Apple envisions the final product to be equipped with a zero-bezel OLED panel, with the sides forming perfect right angles with the screen. Moreover, Apple aims for a thinner shell, but this aspiration could render the screen encasement more vulnerable and complicate the integration of touch sensors.