Apple released a series of USB-C accessories for the iPad Pro

With the introduction of the new iPad Pro model with USB-C interface, Apple today introduced several new adapters explicitly designed for the USB-C interface. The new USB-C charging cable costs $19, and the USB-C to SD card reader costs $39. There is also a $9 USB-C to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter that connects a standard 3.5mm headset to a tablet because it no longer has a headphone jack.
Last week, Apple introduced a 0.3-meter USB-C version of the Apple Watch charger, which will also work with the new iPad Pro. Because the iPad Pro with USB-C can charge Apple Watch or iPhone via USB-C cable.
Apple also introduced the new 61W MacBook Pro power adapter, but it’s not clear what it is different. All original accessories are available for purchase today and will be delivered this weekend.