Apple OLED product roadmap leaked: Planning a 42-inch iMac

Apple is charting a course to imbue its entire Mac and iPad Pro lineup with OLED technology. While such an endeavor may unfold over the years, the initiative will begin with the 2024 iteration of the iPad Pro. Moreover, Apple seems to be exploring the concept of iMacs with larger displays.

A recently revealed product roadmap for Apple’s OLED devices indicates preparations for a 42-inch iMac featuring an OLED panel, slated for release in 2029, though the timeline remains subject to Apple’s strategic decisions. Apple’s repertoire has not previously ventured beyond 32 inches, with the Pro Display XDR being the largest screen offered.

Anticipating the 42-inch iMac, Apple has also designed iMacs with 21.5-inch, 27-inch, and 32-inch OLED panels. The sales projection for the 21.5-inch OLED iMac ranges between two to three million units, the 27-inch OLED iMac is estimated to move one to two million units, and both the 32-inch and 42-inch OLED iMacs are expected to hit sales of half a million units each. These grander displays are poised as premium offerings complemented by potent hardware suites, bound to attract a surcharge and appeal to a niche market demographic, hence, are predicted to have lower sales volumes compared to the array of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models, which have historically enjoyed higher shipment numbers.

Previous reports have surfaced about Apple’s plans to launch a new iMac Pro with a 32-inch mini-LED screen. It is not immediately clear if the 32-inch OLED iMac from the OLED roadmap will be associated with or act as a successor to this model. Of course, the roadmap simply lays out an initial framework, and with substantial time at hand, it wouldn’t be surprising if Apple opts to fine-tune its future product strategies.