Apple’s Path Forward: New iPad and Vision Pro Impact Forecast

In the latest “Power On” column, Bloomberg’s journalist Mark Gurman posits that, following Apple’s recent financial report, we should not expect new iPad models to emerge until at least the first quarter of the next year. Concurrently, it is anticipated that the company will initiate sales of its virtual reality headset, the Vision Pro. Yet, these ventures are unlikely to significantly propel Apple’s growth momentum.

Gurman suggests that Apple still requires substantial updates to drive a noticeable surge in sales and profits. Despite the anticipated release of the Vision Pro headset early next year, its lofty price tag of $3,500 may deter the average consumer, thereby offering limited potential for market disruption. The expected new iterations of the iPad are unlikely to be transformative, with enhancements likely confined to routine hardware upgrades such as the processor, which means they are also expected to contribute marginally to Apple’s profitability.

However, Gurman forecasts that the upcoming 10th iteration of the Apple Watch could introduce alterations in user experience that may define new directions in smartwatch applications.

The new Apple Watch is rumored to bolster features such as blood pressure monitoring and sleep management, in line with prior speculation. Apple is anticipated to launch corresponding paid health application services for the iPhone and Apple Watch and may even introduce non-invasive blood glucose monitoring to the Apple Watch, aiding individuals, such as those with diabetes, to more effortlessly track their health conditions.

As for the long-rumored Apple Car, there remains a lack of definitive news. While there have been claims suggesting Apple might unveil this product as early as 2024 or 2025, it appears that more time is needed. With a significant focus next year predicted to be on the Vision Pro, the introduction of the Apple Car is expected to be further postponed.