Apple may enhance more functions combined with always-on display screen applications in iOS 17

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman has received word that Apple intends to announce iOS 17 at the upcoming WWDC 2023, focusing on the enhancement of additional functionalities for the idle screen.

At the 2022 WWDC, Apple declared that iOS 16 would introduce customizable fonts, widgets, and automatic wallpaper features for the locked screen. It is anticipated that iOS 17 will further incorporate more functionalities tied to an always-on display, such as allowing the phone screen, while idle, to exhibit calendar contents or push notifications in a low-power mode, or even other items necessitating high-contrast display.

iOS 17 support

It remains uncertain whether this update will be implemented on iPad models as well, thereby enabling users to utilize the same always-on display-supported iPad models as smart display monitors.

Aside from upgrades to iOS 16 functionalities, the most substantial update in iOS 17 is expected to be the addition of app sideloading functionality, in compliance with EU requirements. However, it’s unclear whether it will emulate the Android operating system, allowing users to initiate it independently, or if it will only be usable under specific conditions.

Furthermore, iOS 17 might further strengthen the health and wallet application functionalities, possibly incorporating more data tracking users’ physical health and augmenting the mobile payment application experience.