Apple is rumored to be testing two new Mac products

Apple is poised to conduct its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) online from June 6th to 10th, 2023, Beijing time, potentially unveiling a selection of novel products. Persistent rumors suggest that Apple is prepping a new 15.5-inch variant of the MacBook Air for release, potentially during this convocation, which would be the most substantial size ever manifested within this series.

It remains nebulous whether other Mac products, such as the new MacBook Pro or Mac Studio, will be introduced. As per Bloomberg reports, Apple is reportedly testing two new models, one of which is equipped with the M2 Ultra, slated to supplant the M1 Ultra, thus becoming Apple’s most potent proprietary chipset.

The two unnamed models by Apple, designated as Mac 14,13 and Mac 14,14, will offer a choice between the M2 Max and the M2 Ultra. Apple already launched the M2 Max earlier this year, which features on the latest 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros and can be configured with a CPU of up to 12 cores and a GPU of up to 38 cores. As for the yet unseen M2 Ultra, it’s expected to provide more CPU and GPU cores than the M1 Ultra, possibly forming from the fusion of two M2 Max chips.

At this WWDC23, Apple is anticipated to present three major new systems: iOS 17, Watch OS 10, and iPad OS 17, as well as the new macOS 14. Many speculate that Apple will also debut its first Mixed Reality (MR) device. This rumored headset, equipped with an 8K resolution display and advanced eye-tracking technology, may, however, come with a high price tag, possibly exceeding $3000.

Given the multitude of hardware and software involved in this event, it may transpire to be one of the longest keynote presentations Apple has ever staged.