Apple Confirms Support for RCS Messaging Standard Promoted by Google From 2024

Following Google’s persistent implementation of the RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging standard, Apple recently confirmed that it will begin supporting this standard later in 2024.

This move by Apple is expected to enhance the consistency and compatibility of text messages between different devices, contributing to a more unified messaging experience.

Perhaps in response to the European Union’s Digital Markets Act, Apple has ultimately decided to support the RCS messaging standard. This development is anticipated to allow Android devices to receive text messages from iPhones not only with encryption protection but also with consistent content presentation, eliminating the sense of exclusion for users.

iPhone 15 delay

Google has expressed satisfaction with Apple’s decision to adopt RCS and reiterated the security and equitable usage of the RCS messaging standard. However, while Apple has announced its plan to support RCS, it has not disclosed a specific launch date, only stating that support will commence later in 2024. Moreover, Apple will continue to promote its iMessage service, emphasizing that it will still offer a superior messaging experience, including the delivery of rich stickers, voice messages, and more online interactive features.

In compliance with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act, Apple has already made several adjustments, including the adoption of the USB-C port in its iPhone 15 series. Furthermore, Apple may soon open up sideloading capabilities, allowing users to download and install apps from third-party software marketplaces.