Apple began to provide developers with development tools corresponding to VisionOS

Apple has recently commenced the provision of development tools corresponding to the visionOS operating system for developers, allowing those who meet application criteria to borrow a Vision Pro unit, while also extending additional assistance from Apple technical experts, thereby facilitating the creation of various applications tailored for Vision Pro.

However, not all developers applying will be privileged to borrow Vision Pro. Should they merely plan to port iPad platform applications for use on Vision Pro, they can merely obtain visionOS development tools. Earning Apple’s favor may necessitate crafting applications that better align with Vision Pro’s immersive experience.

Consequently, when submitting their applications, developers must elucidate the nature of the proposed application, including any utilization of Vision Pro-specific features, while also detailing their team, thereby enabling Apple to evaluate their eligibility for borrowing a Vision Pro unit.

Furthermore, developers fortunate enough to borrow a Vision Pro must also adhere to pertinent confidentiality provisions. For example, only team members involved in application development can use Vision Pro in non-public settings. Non-development team members or public display or use of Vision Pro prior to its official release is prohibited. Apple retains the right to recall the Vision Pro at any given time.

Presently, applications usable on Vision Pro can essentially be categorized into three main types: Apps ported directly from iPhone or iPad devices, Apps from the existing iPad platform reconfigured to suit Vision Pro, and native Apps created based on the Vision Pro user experience, facilitating user interaction within a virtual visual environment.

However, given the Vision Pro’s hefty price tag of $3499, native apps designed specifically for its use may commence pricing from $20, to offset development costs. Prices for direct port versions may be relatively lower, while gaming content may command a higher price.