Apple actively opposes the HB2005 bill

For a long time, apps on the App Store and Play Store have been required to use the official payment methods of Apple and Google, but this method will give them a lot of commissions, up to 30%.

What if developers don’t want to follow this rule? Sorry, just like Epic, it will be removed directly, and the developer account on the Mac platform may be blocked.

There is no doubt that Apple and Google’s rules are to use their dominant market positions to pressure the weak. In this regard, Arizona is considering enacting a law that allows developers to use third-party payment methods. The bill is currently named HB2005.

Arizona bill Apple

“The App Store” by Glen Bledsoe is licensed under CC BY 2.0

For direct stakeholders, Apple and Google naturally opposed it immediately. According to Arizona State Rep. Regina Cobb, the creator of the HB2005 bill, in the past week, Apple and Google hired almost all lobbyists in the town to prevent the bill from passing.

In addition to hiring a large number of lobbyists to oppose the matter, the company’s chief compliance officer Kyle Andeer also stated at the hearing that HB2005 is equivalent to an administrative order that the government requires Apple to abandon the App Store.

In addition, Kyle Andeer also said that Apple has been reducing the payment rate for developers. In November last year, the rate for developers with an annual income of less than $1 million was reduced to 15%.

Via: protocol