November 26, 2020

Apache Foundation announces project migration to GitHub

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The Apache Foundation (ASF) announced the migration of Git services to GitHub, completing an extension of project infrastructure support.

The Apache Software Foundation is the largest open source software foundation with a volunteer community that manages more than 200 million lines of code. These Apache projects initially offered two version control services through ASF Infrastructure: Apache Subversion and Git. Over the years, more and more projects and communities have wanted to see the project source code on GitHub. These projects are just read-only images and have limited ability to use GitHub tools.

Apache Pulsar

“In 2016, the Foundation started integrating GitHub’s repository and tooling, with our own services. This enabled selected projects to use GitHub’s excellent tools,” said Greg Stein, ASF Infrastructure Administrator. “Over time, we improved, debugged, and solidified this integration. In late 2018, we asked all projects to move away from our internal git service, to that provided by GitHub. This shift brought all of their tooling to our projects, while we maintain a backup mirror on our infrastructure.”

The Apache said it has reached a partnership with GitHub management to explore how the project will thrive and what it can achieve in the future.