Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

Angry Birds game is on Microsoft Store

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The recent Angry Birds series is being shown in cinemas around the world, and developers are releasing Angry Birds to the Windows 10 platform. Now users can download Angry Birds through the app store to play, the game download is free but there may be other in-app purchases that require payment. From the introduction, the Angry Birds version of the Windows 10 is the game social, players can connect their social accounts and online games with friends.

“Angry Birds Transformers – Part 1” by Sukhbir Purewal is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Developer Rovio Entertainment said that this version of the game has all the typical bird throws, but adds interesting competition and smaller competitions. This allows users to play online with their friends, while the content has been prepared for thousands of levels and increased by 12 levels per week. In addition to online games with friends, there will be new competitive competitions every Wednesday. This kind of competition allows players to open challenges with other players.

Rovio’s game director said the company is happy to launch the two most popular bird games on Windows 10 and improve user playability. Next month, the company will launch Angry Birds 2 on the Windows 10 platform, hoping that users will enjoy the fun of online games with friends.