AMD’s new generation of Zen 4 architecture processor leaked

A few days ago, the LGA 1718 socket of AM5 has been leaked. As the successor to the AM4 socket, the socket type will be changed from PGA to LGA. This is also a historic change for AMD in the mainstream consumer market. It is now highly probable that the Raphael processor of the Zen 4 architecture will be the first product to use the new socket.

As the leaker of this news, Twitter user @ExecuFix further leaked information about the AM5 socket and the new generation of processors.

At the same time, it also discloses the contact distribution map of the processor using the LGA 1718 socket. Although it has 18 more pins than Intel’s next-generation LGA 1700, it is not rectangular like the LGA 1700 and is still a square structure.

Compared with Intel’s size of 37.5×45 mm, the area of ​​the LGA 1718 socket 40×40 mm is slightly smaller because there is no capacitor at the bottom.

The Zen 4 architecture desktop processor codenamed Raphael only supports DDR5 memory and PCIe Gen4 and has 28 PCIe Gen4 channels, which is 4 more than the current Ryzen 5000 series. This is different from Intel Alder Lake-S, which supports both DDR4 and DDR5 memory, and supports PCIe Gen5. In addition, Raphael will have a model with a TDP of 120W, and even a special version with a TDP of 170W.