AMD will launch four graphics cards with Navi 24 on mobile platforms

AMD is about to launch AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT/RX 6400 on the desktop platform. Navi 24 will fill the last gap in the RDNA 2 architecture and update the low-end/entry-level graphics product line. On the mobile platform, AMD is not idle, and will launch products based on the Navi 24 core.

AMD 21.40.1 driver, Source: AMD

According to VideoCardz reports, through the information in the AMD driver, it is found that there will be four graphics cards on the mobile platform with the Navi 24 core codenamed Beige Goby, the PCI device ID is 7421/7423/743F, which are Radeon RX 6500M, Radeon RX 6300M, Radeon Pro W6500M, and Radeon Pro W6300M. Radeon RX 6500M and Radeon RX 6300M ​​are consumer-grade graphics cards, while Radeon Pro W6500M and Radeon Pro W6300M ​​are professional-grade graphics cards.

The Navi 24 core will be equipped with 16 CUs, 1024 stream processors, 16MB infinite cache, 1MB L2 cache, and 128KB L1 cache. The video memory width is 64 bits. According to different positioning, these graphics cards will be equipped with 4GB or 2GB of GDDR6 memory. Due to the low power consumption, many manufacturers believe that the Navi 24 core is very suitable for use on mobile platforms. In addition, AMD has not updated its low-end/entry-level product line for a long time, and there is a certain urgency for new GPUs with new features.

It is expected that at the CES 2022 exhibition, AMD will launch the Ryzen 6000 series APU code-named Rembrandt, and a graphics card equipped with Navi 24 core.