12th generation Core non-K series will be released in mid-January next year

Intel launched the 12th-generation Core Alder Lake processor at the end of November, but only 6 K and KF series and high-end Z690 motherboards were launched at that time. Non-K series processors and B660/H670 motherboards for mainstream players will not be released until early next year. In fact, it is early next year, but it is basically certain that they will be released during CES 2022.

@momomo_us recently posted a picture on Twitter, this is obviously the frequency and L3 cache of the 12th-generation Core non-K series processor. There are a total of 7 models, but if you consider the F series without a GPU, there are actually a total of 14 SKUs. He also said that the release time is mid-January.

Core i9-12900 and Core i7-12700 will maintain the current core thread combination of Core i9-12900K and Core i7-12700K 8P+8E 24T, 8P+4E 20T. L3 cache capacity is also the same 30/25MB, the base frequency of the Core i9-12900 is 2.4GHz, the highest core frequency is 5.1GHz, the Core i7-12700 has a base frequency of 2.1GHz, and the highest core frequency is 4.9GHz.

Core i5 will use the new H0 chip, only 6 P-Cores without E-Core, Core i5 will include three models of 12600/12500/12400. L3 cache capacity is 18MB, the three are mainly different in frequency, but Core i5-12400 is estimated to be a cut in GPU.

There are two models of Core i3. The cache capacity of Core i3-12300 is unknown, the highest core frequency is 4.4GHz, and the Intel Core i3-12100 also has 12MB of L3 cache, the highest core frequency is 4.3GHz
At present, the specific PL2 settings of these processors are still unclear, but according to Intel’s standard specifications, the PL1 of non-K series processors is not equal to PL2. Generally speaking, their PL1 is 65W, and Tau is only half of the K series, but usually, the motherboard will help you get rid of the power consumption limit, even for the B series motherboard.